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Data Exchange Bug; extended character set(s)

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FYI found a bug this morning while importing a recipe from Brewfather. I have a Python script that pulls batch data from Brewfather and imports it into Brewcontrol globals using the data exchange interface. I narrowed the problem down to an 'o' character with an umlaut. When the JSON contains this character (guessing other non ASCII as well?) the server returns a non 200 code. Below is the exact JSON posted to repro. The offending character is in the first value field; 

[{"Name""Schönbrunn"}, {"Name":"Mash Temp 1","Value":"131"}, {"Name":"Mash Rest 1","Value"00"},
{"Name":"Mash Temp 2","Value":"148"}, {"Name":"Mash Rest 2","Value"00"}, {"Name":"Mash Temp 3","Value":"158"},
{"Name":"Mash Rest 3","Value"00"}, {"Name":"Mash Temp 4","Value":"168"}, {"Name":"Mash Rest 4","Value"00"},
{"Name":"Mash Temp 5","Value":"0.00"}, {"Name":"Mash Rest 5","Value"00"}, {"Name":"Mash Temp 6","Value":"0.00"},
{"Name":"Mash Rest 6","Value"00"}, {"Name":"Boil Time","Value"00"}, {"Name":"Target Sparge Vol","Value":"7.55003576"},
{"Name":"Strike Temp","Value":"137.3"}, {"Name":"Strike Volume","Value":"6.50127292"}]     

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Thanks for pointing this out! I logged it.