Interface Firmware

Current Interface Firmware – Universal Interface Firmware Tool
Version 43, updated 2/20/18 (Sonoff added). Compatible with BruControl v1.0, build 28085+.

See the User Manual for interfaces firmware installation and configuration

These interfaces are supported though all may not be currently included in the download package. Contact us if the firmware version is not included.

  • Arduino MEGA 2560 (in package)
  • Arduino 101 (in package)
  • Arduino Primo (in package)
  • Arduino UNO (in package)
  • Adafruit Feather M0 (in package)
  • ESP8266 Module: NodeMCU 1.0 (in package)
  • ESP8266 Module: Wemos D1 & Mini (in package)
  • Sonoff TH10/16 (in package)
  • Sonoff Dual (in package)
  • Arduino Due (not in package but available – contact us)
  • Arduino Zero (not in package but available – contact us)

Beta Interface Firmware – Universal Interface Firmware Tool
Version 44 Beta, updated 4/19/19. Compatible with BruControl v1.0, build 28085+ and v1.0.1.Build_17. Contains 44J/K/L/N. CAUTION: FOR TESTING/EVALUATION. DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. If using Feather, contact us for an updated Feather Interface Wiring Map and interface configuration file. Brief note on power-on device storage here.