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Is anyone using a script to run a HERMS three kettle system? 

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Just starting to write my script for a gas fired three kettle HERMS based on the Morebeer Tippy brew sculpture. The hardware purchases are nearing completion and I have built a control system based on the ESP32 with some simple electronics. My basic system currently controls two Chugger pumps, a sparge float switch, one natural gas control valve, and three 1-wire temperature probes. I will be moving hoses with quick disconnects to reconfigure during the brew process.

Yesterday I added and configured  my devices on my workspace and verified operation and control. My plan is to write some test scripts and become familiar with how things work. I need to create an equipment profile in BeerSmith anyway, so trial and error will be my teacher.

In the future I will be adding additional gas control valves, flow monitoring, motorized valves, data import and fermentation monitoring.

Sorry this is not the information you were not asking for, but you will probably find better luck in the automated brewing forum of