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How should I wire the Topsflo TD5 pump?  

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I got two Topsflo TD5 pumps for cheap. They are the two wire version (+ and -). I see on the schematics page that I should wire them through a capable Mosfet to control the pump speed/flow. Is this a safe way to power it? I've read somewhere that they have a on-board control that drops voltage from 24V to 17V, will the Mosfet mess with that?


Now, I was alerted to the fact that there is a topsflo pump that features PWM control and I am thinking of getting one of them instead. I assume that if I do so, I can cut out the Mosfet and just run the pump directly from 24V power supply and control it through the pin suggested in the Mosfet schematic and it will work(as long as they have common ground)?

Please advice. 


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Yes, if your current TD5 does NOT have the front-end circuitry, then you can use a MOSFET board to switch PWM directly from the interface and change (within reason) the flow range proportionally.