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Mega2560 + ESP8266 Use as Interface  

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Hi all,


I am batting around BruControl for my homebrew system from CraftBeerPi.  As I am reviewing it, I was wondering if an interface that incorporates the Mega2560 and the ESP8266 into one unit would work.  If so, does the ESP module need to be flashed with the Brucontrol firmware or the Mega2560?  The unit I am referring to is linked below.  


As a Homebrewer, I want to do this very economically, but have WIFI capabilities that this unit offers.  I ap0ologize if this has already been asked before or if I am way of base (I'm a chemical engineer, not a controls or computer engineer).



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Hi Tim,

Thanks for reaching out... we can help you! The Arduino MEGA is a good path if you want an interface with lot's of inputs & outputs. It can be set up to communicate via Serial, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi (the latter two with the appropriate shields). The ESP8266 is an older interface that includes Wi-Fi. The board you linked combines the two but unfortunately the link internally is serial, and our firmware doesn't support that (partially due to installing the firmware as you noted). If you only need about 20 I/O, I'd suggest an ESP32 Development Board. The price is really good and is a board that will last a while.

Yes, we provide the firmware to install into these microcontroller interface boards - you don't need to program anything. That help?