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Problem with indexing of onewire sensors

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I am running in to a porblem with the indexing of the one-wire sensors. 

First off, a bit about the system. I have a control panel where the mega, ssrs and other equipment is stored. The panel has 4 ports of XLR female sockets that the sensor probes plug into.

A few weeks ago I had the system up and running and calibrated the SSRs roughly. Everything worked flawlessly. During a few days I calibrated it all. 

Now I come back after two weeks idle(bad weather) and without having unplugged the temperature probes, they were suddenly indexed differently... Mind you, the Arduino had been shut down/turned off in the mean time. HLT temperatureprobe was suddenly in BK etc.

are there any plans to incorporate address assigning to device widgets instead of playing onewire roulette in the future?

I have a script that automatically enables PIDBOIL and HLTBOIL in that order. Should I have a wait(300) between them, would that make any difference?

Any other things I should check. I hope to avoid having to reassign them before every brew day.... 


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Sensors should always index in the same order, so long as they didn't change.


We have plans to use hard addresses in the future.