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Setting up Tilt  


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August 22, 2020 3:12 am  

My build is basically complete and the Sonoff works great. All my probes show up! Thanks for the instructions.

I also got an ESP32 and set it up. It is connected to Brucontrol via WiFi. I have a new green Tilt, and I have set it up on port 220. I've selected the green Tilt, but Brucontrol only shows 0s. I've set it to 3 decimal places, but nada. The Tilt works via the Tilt App, but it isn't showing values in Brucontrol. I've even tried other colors just to see what happens: nada.

I tried attaching links for the screenshots but can't post links it seems. Here are the setup deets:

Name: Hydrometer 1
Enabled: On
Refresh Multiple: 1
Primary Value: Specific Gravity
Color: Green
Interface: Tilt32 (ESP32)
Port: 220

Thanks for any help on getting my gravity to appear.



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August 22, 2020 3:58 am  

Of course, after I post this, it works. So, there you have it folks, follow what makes sense, and trust the software!

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