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PID Output and Input Element on Different Interfaces  


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February 6, 2019 12:23 am  

I'm currently planning out my automated brewery and I have a question regarding PID elements.

The Brucontrol manual states the following:

"Note that interface internal algorithms like Hysteresis or PID Outputs are not affected by [the Refresh Interval/Multiple]. Only the communication between the interface and BruControl is."

From this wording, I am inferring that even if I lose connectivity, these internal algorithms will continue.

A corollary to this inference is that these internal algorithms require physical connection to both the output (ULWD element(s)) and input devices (temperature probes), meaning that they would have to be connected to the same interface.

Is this true? I am planning on turning my current control panel into a BruControl control panel and was contemplating moving all of my low-voltage sensors/devices to another panel (to be iteratively built upon). 

Thanks, and cheers!

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February 8, 2019 3:15 am  

Yes, both are correct!