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New build electrical schematic - ferm automation (requesting feedback)  


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September 26, 2020 4:34 am  

I am preparing to start my Brucontrol journey toward a fully automated brewhouse and looking for electrical wiring feedback on my fermentation controller - any thoughts on the electrical schematic below would be greatly appreciated. 

This is my first wiring and setup with Brucontrol.

Planned capabilities of fermentation controller:

- Temp control (cold/heat pumps)
- Temp sensing 
     - Glycol bath 
     - Vessel 
- Gravity monitoring 
- Auto spunding / Carb
      - Vessel pressure monitoring 
      - Auto pressure relief
- Auto crash processing (pressurize -> crash) - maintain head press   
  - Vacuum relief (mechanically via TC AND pressurization) 
          - Vessel pressure monitoring 
          - Auto CO2 pressurization 


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