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Easy & useful interface option for small tasks

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I picked up a couple of these boards from China

£8.77 30%OFF | AC 90-250V ESP32 WiFi Bluetooth Ble Single Relay Module ESP32 Development Board ESP32-WROOM-32E

Had it up and running in no time, it took the brucontrol firmware without any issues.

Very useful for adding brucontrol control to existing circuits.

I added it into our effluent pH treatment panel so now brucontrol can monitor pH levels and give improved control over the dosing pump that is there which currently only has hysteresis type control (which often overshoots) I'm hoping with a bit of fiddling with PID settings I can gain much better control of the pH of our wastewater.

Only fiddly bit of this install was stringing a few resistors together to get the correct value for voltage divider from 10 to 3.3v with the resistors i had available to hook up the pH sensor

My plan for the other one is to monitor/control temp and humidity in our grainstore

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That's really nice! I like that it has the breakout pins available too. Only thing missing is the USB connection - so it needs an dongle. BUT, only needs it once - future firmware's can be installed OTA.


Thanks for showing!