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Newbie: I/O questions

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Sorry, I have searched a bit here and on the enormous HBT thread, but not seeing specific answers to my questions.

I have been brewing 10gallon for a while with a 3 tier gravity system with a large cooler as the mash middle tier.  Working now on switching to a horizontal 3 vessel HERMS electric system (15-20gallon vessels).  I am planning to buy the uniflex and just use one heater element at a time.

  1. I see that the recommended (2 included) Temp sensors are the headphone jack type.  I will want to have temp sensor in all three vessels.  Only two inputs so I just need a headphone splitter?
  2. I don't plan on my first iteration including any flow control automation other than the pumps themselves.  I will shift hoses as needed and control output flow via ball valve handle for sparging.  So, I don't think I will need the I/O right now.  But, I would like to use the system for fermenting and use a tilt to decide when to turn on hydro pump that drives cold water through coils in fermenter or heating bar that wraps fermenter inside neoprene jacket.   Fermenter has a thermowell that I use now with an inkbird, but I like the idea of tracking the wort gravity and the better precision on the temp.  Do I need the Uniflex I/O in order to have tilt as an input driving the 12v outputs?
  3. It looks like there is a new version of the uniflex coming out.  Is that available now?
  4. Is there a thread somewhere detailing what automation sensors/components that people have purchased and where they purchased them?  Also, is there a thread detailing how to wire them in.  Soldering is not in my skill set so hopefully uniflex v2 makes that easier.

Thanks for the help.  My vessels are ordered from Stout.  Look fwd to getting a uniflex and start playing with the scripts.

Cheers, Swan

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  1. Yes, the included probes are 3.5mm headphone connections. We provide a 5-port splitter with the UniFlex, so you can plug more than one sensor. The unit can address up to 10 sensors total.
  2. You don't need the I/O to read a Tilt, as that signal is received via bluetooth. But, you would need the I/O to have a 12V output. You could drive one of the 120V ourputs (Accessory/Pump) if you wanted, but I would assime those are already driving brewing pumps. I would recommend the I/O... it's one of those things that you will likely see a need for in the future. You can send it in for upgrade, but unless you need to save every dollar, it is a good investment IMO.
  3. Yes, we are shipping v2 of the UniFlex now. We need to update the website to reflect it. Basic difference is the I/O connector is much easier to use. Other minor changes are internal.
  4. I don't think there is a thread here or on that details the wiring or integration of devices. If you check out the UniFlex Product Note, you can see an example schematic of how to wire devices (using internal or external power supply variations). We are here to help with questions too!

Hope that helps!