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UniFlex Control System, 50A

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UniFlex 240VAC, 50A Brewery Controller Overview
The UniFlex Brewery Control System is the second turnkey brew controller running BruControl. This plug-and-brew controller is modular in design, which allows the user to configure many of its features when ordering. For example,  integrated I/O, proportional control, etc. are determined to suit the brewer’s needs. More importantly, this design creates an upgradeable controller – the first and only of its kind on the market. Imagine buying a basic controller today, then upgrading it later to add integrated I/O later!

The UniFlex integrates directly into the BruControl ecosphere, allowing those looking for a continuous upgrade path in their brewery to begin their journey without needing any DIY (do-it-yourself) skills!

UniFlex Overview Video

UniFlex Overview

UniFlex Controller Feature List:

  • Ultimate flexibility: 240VAC / 50A brewery controller running BruControl
  • Advanced controls: ESP32 based interface with Wi-Fi communications
  • Integration ease: compact size, free of limited and dedicated hardware controls allows mounting anywhere
  • High quality components: for example, Crydom SSR’s exclusively used
  • Dual vessel simultaneous heating (BK, HLT, RIMs, etc.)
  • Dual pump/accessory control
  • Flexible configuration:
    • Standard (duty cycle) or variable (proportional) SSR heating control
    • Choice of power/plugs: NEMA 14-50P, 6-50P, or 10-50P
    • 1-wire universal temperature probes, shielded, waterproof, 10 feet – up to 10 simultaneous probes
    • Integrated user I/O: 17 I/O: 12 high current outputs, 1 analog output, and 4 inputs (digital or 12-bit analog) with external power connector
    • DIN rail mount
    • BruControl host application, requires ‘Advanced’ license
  • The first and only modular & upgradeable design:
    • Upgrade to integrated I/O
    • Upgrade to DIN rail mount
    • Add temperature probes as needed
  • Safety integration: positive high voltage output electrical interlocks
  • Full BruControl implementation:
    • Device Elements including PID, Hysteresis, Deadband, Digital Outputs & Inputs, PWM/Analog Outputs, Counters, etc.
    • Elements including Timers, Alarms, Graphs, Profiles, etc.
    • Workspaces to create fully customizable digital interface (includes two pre-created configurations)
    • Scripts to automate any or all of the brewing process including basics such start timing, step mashing, sparging, boil-over prevention, variables manipulation, conditional controls, data exchange, profiles, etc.
    • BruControl ‘Advanced’ License provides unlimited expansion to control the brewery: fermentation, dispensing, cleaning, etc.

UniFlex Controller Specifications:

  • Power Supply Requirements
    • Single power feed version: 240VAC, 50A via 4-conductor NEMA 14-50R receptacle (includes ground and neutral)
    • Dual power feed versions: 240VAC, 50A via 3-conductor NEMA 10-50R, 6-50R (no neutrals), or 10-50R receptacle (no neutrals) and 120VAC, 5A via NEMA 5-15R receptacle
    • Must be protected by 50A dual pole GFCI circuit (panel or inline breaker)
  • Power Input
    • Single power feed version: NEMA 14-50P plug
    • Dual power feed version: NEMA 14-50P, 6-50P, or 10-50P plug and NEMA 5-15P plug
    • 2m (6′ / 72 inches) power cord length(s) included
  • Vessel Power Output(s)
    • 240 VAC, 25 amps maximum (5500W heater) per output
    • Dual vessel, 2x NEMA L6-30R receptacles on 230 mm (9 inch) pigtails
    • Circuit breakers integrated in controller for each output
  • Pump / Accessory Power Output(s)
    • 120VAC, 5 amps total, via NEMA 5-15R receptacle(s) on 230 mm (9 inch) pigtail(s)
    • Circuit breaker integrated in controller
    • Dual receptacle is included
  • Enclosure
    • Aluminum, with internal venting fan (not splash proof)
    • Front panel includes Wi-Fi antenna, temperature probe receptacle(s), I/O connector, I/O power, power switch
    • Rear panel includes pass-through connectors for power and pump/accessory wires and circuit breaker
    • Rubber feet on bottom (DIN rail mounting kit optional)
    • Mounting: horizontal or vertical (power cords down)
    • Dimensions 320 x 190 x 150 mm (12.6 x 7.5 x 5.9 inches) LxWxH, excluding wires
  • Universal Temperature Probe(s)
    • 100 mm (4 inch) length, 6 mm (1/4 inch) diameter probe, with 3 m (10′ / 120 inches) cord and right angle plug
    • Universal probe design, allows for brewery integration via compression fittings (not included)
    • Probes are waterproof (can be submerged) and use shielded cable for noise reduction
    • 1-wire technology, allows for up to 10 probes simultaneously plugged in (requires separate adapter, not included)
    • 2 probes included with controller
    • Additional Universal Temperature Probes available here.
  • BruControl Interface
    • ESP32 based microcontroller with Wi-Fi and external antenna.
    • Firmware software upgradeable over-the-air
  • Solid State Relayd
    • Standard (binary) SSRs for duty-cycle type modulated control
    • Proportional SSRs for step-less modulated control (optional)
  • Power Switch
    • Latching illuminated circular switch on front panel
    • Interlock design ensures vessel Power Outputs are disconnected from mains power
  • Integrated User Input/Outputs (optional)
    • 17 total I/O
    • 12 high current outputs (max limits: 12 amps total, 5 amps per bank, 2 amps per output)
    • 4 inputs (digital or 12-bit analog)
    • I2C bus pins
    • Internal 12VDC power available, up to 1 amp maximum
    • Front panel connector for I/O and external power (12 or 24 VDC)

UniFlex Controller Downloads:

NOTE: 30A UniFlex Controller Shown Here

UniFlex Front
UniFlex Side/Top
UniFlex Rear
UniFlex Pigtails
UniFlex Temp Probe
UniFlex Kit

Additional information

Weight 6200 g
Dimensions 90 × 75 × 55 cm
Power Feed

Single (NEMA 14-50P), Dual (NEMA 14-50P & 5-15P), Dual (NEMA 6-50P & 5-15P), Dual (NEMA 10-50P & 5-15P)

Option: Integrated User I/O

Yes, No

Option: Proportional Control

Yes, No

Option: BruControl Advanced

Yes, No