QuadZilla RIMS Heating Element, QZ-55-38

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The QuadZilla RIMs element is an ULWD (Ultra Low Wattage Density) element assembly, especially made for high-power RIMs applications in brewing. The QuadZilla is a four-pack of 304 stainless steel sheathed cartridge heaters, each providing 1375W @ 240 VAC. The total power is 5500W, and the heat density is 61 watts per square inch (9.5 W/cm^2), which is equivalent to a 5500W ripple element typically used in boil kettles.

The heaters are welded in a 1.5″ tri-clamp cap so the element will mount in the 1.5″ tri-clamp RIMs tube of your choice (16″ – 18″ long recommended). The heaters are 15/32″ diameter (12 mm) and are 15″ long (380 mm) from the inside of the cap. Each heater has an individual supply (power + ground) to provide for wiring flexibility. Each wire set is protected by a stainless flexible corrugated jacket, which is grounded to the main assembly. The wires are 3 feet (1 m) long.

All four heaters can be powered together, or individual elements powered to accommodate the application. For example, one element can be used for mashing while the others are separately turned on for strike water heating, mashout, and direct heat fly-sparging.

The QuadZilla comes with 3 baffles which may be installed by the user to create more turbulence which will aid in heating during low flow periods, such as direct heat fly-sparging. The element can be easily removed for cleaning, though this should be needed infrequently. The entire assembly is made of 304 SS. Note: This element can theoretically heat water from freezing to 170 degrees Fahrenheit sparge temperature at 1 quart per minute rate. Room temperature 68 degrees Fahrenheit can be heated to sparge temperature at approximately 1.4 quarts per minute.

Please note the assembly does not include tri-clamp gaskets, clamps, or any other accessories other than the baffles. No element “enclosure” is required. It is strongly recommended that the RIMs tube be oriented vertically for proper performance during mashing and direct heat fly-sparge heating.

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 75 × 5 × 5 cm