Analog Amplifier


Analog Amplifier, model AA-2

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This board converts PWM or Analog Output signals from a BruControl interface into analog voltages to drive analog voltage controlled proportional devices such as valves, variable SSRs, etc. Contains 4 channels with individual output range settings and a default output setting when the interface is disabled. 5-24 VDC input with power pass-thru for simplified device wiring. Output ranges are each adjustable to accommodate devices requiring 0-5, 0-10, 0-12 VDC, etc. inputs. Each channel’s input voltage 3.3 or 5V DC PWM or analog . Max output drive current 45 mA per channel.

See the AA-2 Product Note for details and installation. For previous model AA-1, see the AA-1 Product Note.

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Board Only, DIN Carrier