Download Page

Thank you for your interest in BruControl! Download the application here. Please take the following steps to initiate the BruControl application:

  1. Download the selected release of BruControl from this page and unzip (extract) the files to a unique folder on your computer.
  2. Run BruControl.exe. You may receive a security warning (this is normal but the application is digitally signed with Microsoft for security).
  3. Open the Settings (gear icon). Select ‘License’.
  4. If you have a license:
    • Enter the email above in the License field. Enter a password of your choice (please notify us if a different email should be used). Select ‘ACTIVATE’. The license status should indicate the license activation and check date.
    • The license will automatically renew daily.
  5. If you are starting an Evaluation:
    • Enter your email and select “EVALUATION”. Follow the steps to receive and enter a security code.
    • You will have 15 days before the Evaluation license expires. A license may be purchased via the Products page
  6. Before connecting to any interfaces, please follow the steps to set up the interface firmware at the Firmware Download page.

Released Version (does not have Evaluation option):
BruControl v1.1.0.4, Updated 8/27/19

Beta/Release Candidate (Recommended, and has Evaluation option):
This version is considered stable and may be used in a production environment.

Note: Review and follow the Installation Product Note to complete the first-time installation for versions and higher.

BruControl v1.1.0.22 (Build 22 / v1.2 Release Candidate), Updated 6/11/21

Note: This Beta requires firmware versions 45O or newer. For users upgrading, make a backup copy of the User files first! See User Manual appendix section “Upgrade from v1.0” for details.

System Requirements (see User Manual for details):

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10. 32 bit or 64 bit editions. (Windows XP and Vista may be compatible but are not officially supported).
  • For Windows 7 or below, .NET Framework, version 4.0 or higher required
  • BruControl is functional software, but requires a license to communicate with micro-controller interfaces.