UniFlex Control System

UniFlex Dual Vessel Controller with Integrated I/O

UniFlex 240VAC, 30A Brewery Controller Overview
The UniFlex Brewery Control System is the first turnkey brew controller running BruControl. This plug-and-brew controller is the first of its kind in that it is modular in design, which allows the user to configure many of its features when ordering. For example, single or dual vessel, single or dual pump/accessory, integrated I/O, proportional control, etc. are determined to suit the brewer’s needs. More importantly, this design creates an upgradeable controller – the first and only of its kind on the market. Imagine buying a single vessel controller today for BIAB, then upgrading it later to accommodate a three vessel brewery!

The UniFlex integrates directly into the BruControl ecosphere, allowing those looking for a continuous upgrade path in their brewery to begin their journey without needing any DIY (do-it-yourself) skills!

UniFlex Overview Video

UniFlex Overview

UniFlex Controller Feature List:

  1. Ultimate flexibility: 240VAC / 30A brewery controller running BruControl
  2. Advanced controls: ESP32 based interface with Wi-Fi communications
  3. Integration ease: compact size, free of limited and dedicated hardware controls allows mounting anywhere
  4. High quality components: for example, Crydom SSR’s exclusively used
  5. Flexible configuration:
    • Single or dual vessel heating (BK, HLT, RIMs, etc.)
    • Single or dual pump/accessory control
    • Standard (duty cycle) or variable (proportional) SSR heating control
    • Passive (external heat-sink) or active (internally fan-cooled) option
    • Choice of power/plugs: NEMA 14-30P, 6-30P, or 10-30P
    • 1-wire universal temperature probes, shielded, waterproof, 10 feet – up to 10 simultaneous probes
    • Optional integrated I/O: 17 I/O: 12 high current outputs, 1 analog output, and 4 inputs (digital or 12-bit analog) with external power connector
    • Optional DIN rail mount
    • Optional discounted BruControl application, ‘Advanced’ license
  6. The first and only modular & upgradeable design:
    • Upgrade single to dual vessel
    • Upgrade single to dual pump/accessory
    • Upgrade to integrated I/O
    • Upgrade to DIN rail mount
    • Add temperature probes as needed
  7. Safety integration: positive high voltage output electrical interlocks
  8. Full BruControl implementation:
    • Device Elements including PID, Hysteresis, Deadband, Digital Outputs & Inputs, PWM/Analog Outputs, Counters, etc.
    • Elements including Timers, Alarms, Graphs, Profiles, etc.
    • Workspaces to create fully customizable digital interface (includes two pre-created configurations)
    • Scripts to automate any or all of the brewing process including basics such start timing, step mashing, sparging, boil-over prevention, variables manipulation, conditional controls, data exchange, profiles, etc.
    • Advanced License provides unlimited expansion to control the brewery: fermentation, dispensing, cleaning, etc.

UniFlex Controller Specifications:

  • Power Input Supply Requirements
    • Single feed option: 240VAC, 30A via 4-conductor NEMA 14-30R receptacle (includes ground and neutral)
    • Dual feed option: 240VAC, 30A via 3-conductor NEMA 14-30R, 6-30R L6-30R or 10-30R receptacle (no neutrals) and 120VAC, 5A via NEMA 5-15R receptacle
    • Must be protected by 30A dual pole GFCI circuit breaker
  • Power Input
    • Single feed option: NEMA 14-30P plug
    • Dual feed option: NEMA 14-30P, 6-30P, L6-30P, or 10-30P plug and NEMA 5-15P plug
    • 2m (6′ / 72 inches) power cord length(s) included
  • Vessel Power Output(s)
    • 240 VAC, 25 amps maximum (5500W heater) per output
    • Single vessel: 1x NEMA L6-30R receptacles on 230 mm (9 inches) pigtail
    • Dual vessel: 2x NEMA L6-30R receptacles on 230 mm (9 inches) pigtails
  • Pump / Accessory Power Output(s)
    • 120VAC, 5 amps total, via NEMA 5-15R receptacle(s) on 230 mm (9 inches) pigtail(s)
    • Circuit breaker integrated in controller
    • Single receptacle is included, dual receptacle is optional
  • Enclosure
    • Aluminum, with internal cooling fan (not splash proof)
    • Front panel includes Wi-Fi antenna, temperature probe receptacle(s), I/O connector, I/O power, power switch
    • Rear panel includes pass-through connectors for power and pump/accessory wires and circuit breaker
    • Rubber feet on bottom (optional DIN rail mounting kit)
    • Mounting: horizontal or vertical (power cords down)
    • Dimensions 290 x 170 x 100 mm (11.4 x 6.7 x 3.9 inches) LxWxH, excluding wires
  • Temperature Probe(s)
    • 100 mm (4 inch) length, 6 mm (1/4 inch) diameter probe, with 3 m (10′ / 120 inches) cord and right angle plug
    • Universal probe design, allows for brewery integration via compression fittings (not included)
    • Probes are waterproof (can be submerged) and use shielded cable for noise reduction
    • 1-wire technology, allows for up to 10 probes simultaneously plugged in (requires separate adapter, not included)
    • 1 probe included with single vessel controller, 2 probes with dual vessel controller
  • BruControl Interface
    • ESP32 based microcontroller with Wi-Fi and external antenna.
    • Firmware software upgradeable over-the-air
  • Solid State Relay Option
    • Standard (binary) SSR for duty-cycle type modulated control
    • Optional proportional SSR for step-less type modulated control
  • Cooling configurations
    • External, passive heat sink option (required for proportional SSR)
    • Internal, active (fan cooled) option
  • Power Switch
    • Latching illuminated circular switch on front panel
    • Interlock design ensures vessel Power Outputs are disconnected from mains power
  • Integrated Input/Output Option
    • 17 total I/O
    • 12 high current outputs (max limits: 12 amps total, 5 amps per bank, 2 amps per output)
    • 4 inputs (digital or 12-bit analog)
    • 1 analog output (0 – 5VDC)
    • I2C bus pins
    • Internal 12VDC power available, up to 1 amp maximum
    • Front panel connector for I/O and external power (12 or 24 VDC)

Read the UniFlex Product Note for more details, setup, and operation.

Pricing (configurator pending):

  • Base Models
    • Single Vessel, 30A with single feed power (NEMA 14-30P plug): $849 US
    • Single Vessel, 30A with dual feed power (NEMA 14-30P and 5-15P plugs): $849 US
    • Single Vessel, 30A with dual feed power (NEMA 6-30P and 5-15P plugs): $849 US
    • Single Vessel, 30A with dual feed power (NEMA 10-30P and 5-15P plugs): $849 US
    • Single Vessel, 30A with dual feed power (NEMA L6-30P and 5-15P plugs): $849 US
  • Options
    • Dual Vessel (includes 2nd Temperature Probe): $189 US
    • Dual Pump / Accessory Outlet: $69 US
    • Integrated I/O: $219 US
    • Proportional Control: $99 US
    • DIN Rail Mount Kit: $29 US
    • Internal cooling option: $1 US
    • BruControl Advanced License: $99 US
  • Accessories
    • Additional Temperature Probe(s): $55 US
  • Upgrades
    • To be announced – will be price differential plus upgrade service (includes shipping)

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